Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A clean shaven man is a happy man

Even though I put grease on my shoulders, I forgot to put some on my jawbone.  I haven't shaven for a couple days and the stubble is pretty sharp.  So again, I had issues with chaffing.  Need to shave as well as put grease on my face!

When I drove up to the Marina parking lot, there was a little bunny on the lawn.  It wouldn't let me get within 20 feet so the pic with my GoPro just didn't show very well at all.

Today's swim was windy and wavy!  Coming from 1'oclock as I was heading towards Black Rock.  But going back was nice as it pushed me at my 7.  Did the same route as yesterday.

Today's swim did a number on my tongue!  My shoulders are ripped up.  Got some small blisters and scabs on them.  I'll take that over a shoulder injury any day.  Haven't had pain in my shoulders in about a month.  Then again, I haven't swam more than 5 miles at once in over a month.

3.25 miles in 1:38

Last night as I was going to bed, Cathi and I watched a little Universal Sports and they had the 2008 Olympics reruns going on.  I saw the men's 4x100 free finals.  That definitely is my favorite race ever.  I love how Jason Lezak came back like that.  That was truly the best 100 free ever!  I also was very annoyed at the commentators as they sounded like retards as Lezak closes the gap as they voice their doubts from the start:
"Rowdy: I just don't think he can do it Dan, I mean Jason Lezak has been there how many times in his career as he anchored this Free Relay, but I just don't think he can do it.... 
Dan: Bernard is pulling away from him.... the United States is trying to hang on to second, they should get the silver medal."
Then Lezak on the last 30 meters really pours it on and shows the world what a world class swimmer can do!

Truly one of the best and exciting races in history.

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