Thursday, July 28, 2011

Swims like Streeter

On the way to Bountiful Lake this afternoon I heard this song on the radio:

During this afternoon's swim I kept having the chorus go through my head, except with a little twist, "I've got to swim like Streeter, swim like Streeter....."  Kind of a fun change to the lyrics that kept my mind busy while I was swimming.

Met Scott Morgan in the parking lot at 5pm and we left together.  He was going without a wetsuit this time.  I told him I was going for 5 laps today and took off right from the start, but he knew that we'd probably get split up and seemed OK. He had his SSD and was going for two laps.  After I completed my second lap I saw Jim Hubbard getting in.  I stopped to talk with him for a bit and see if anyone else was gonna show up.  But after talking for about 10 minutes in the water we took off.  I finished my lap and then met David Mabey at the boat ramp.  He told me this was his first Open Water swim and that he was swimming in a Sprint triathlon in Herriman this weekend.

I decided to put my own interests on the side and talked with him for a minute to get his background and help him feel comfortable.  It's not everyday you help an OW virgin with their first experience.  He was looking to do 500 yards and so I told him if he swam to the east fishing dock and back that would be pretty close to 500 yards.  He took off and I swam right next to him the whole time.  His stroke was long, slow and deliberate.  I was very impressed.  There was no splashing or thrashing about.  His feet were a little low in the water and so his streamline was about 10 degrees off, but other than that it looked great.  We stopped at the fishing dock where Jim caught up on his lap around the lake.  Then we swam together back to the boat ramp.

I then took off for another lap while David and Jim were talking.  This was nice cause the water seemed to get a little colder.  The temp was 81°F tonight so it was very warm!  The sun was getting close to setting and so I finished that 4th lap and decided that with the detour with David I would just go around the first island and call it good.  On the way back from the island my stomach was in full retaliation!  I'm a scoutmaster and I was about to violate the "Leave No Trace" standard.  I was curious if anyone while swimming the English Channel had to take a crap.  I almost stripped my suit off and let things go, but I resisted.  I sprinted to the dock and calmly made my way to the outhouse.  Wow!  Glad I didn't have an accident.  My poor wife knows all about that with her long runs.  Sorry about the TMI!

My GPS read: 4.8 miles in 2:36.
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