Saturday, July 30, 2011

Two Buoy laps in Pineview

Cathi waiting patiently at the shore while Oli and Sam play
near the beach and end up getting soaked.
Was planning a night swim at pineview but it ended up being a dusk swim.  Cathi, Sam, Oliver and myself left for pineview at 7pm and I was in the water at 8:00pm.  I attached night sticks to each arm and a flashlight in my SSD, but the sun was just coming down so it was kind of dumb to put those on as they weren't really glowing enough to be of use.  I swam two laps when Cathi yelled out to me from the shore, "Where's the key to the van? The kids got soaked and are freezing!"

I told her they were in my pants in the bag and she said, "No I already checked there."  So I got out and searched.  It was in a side pocket in my bag.  At this point I had lost the drive and just called it good.  We were going to spend the night in Morgan at the fairgrounds for Cathi's marathon the next morning.  So we just drove there and got setup for the night.

1.8 miles total
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