Thursday, April 14, 2011

Inspired by Lynn Kubasek

This week on, Steven interviewed Lynn Kubasek.  She discusses several topics but one part of the conversation that really perked my attention was one February she swam 360 miles in pools.  I remember the chlorine burn I felt after being in the pool for 11 hours!  360 miles?  That's 90 miles a week!

That's even further than what I plan to do the week of May 30-June 4th at the Great Salt Lake!  If she can do it in a pool, I can do it in open water!  Well, as long as Mother Nature is in a good mood.

She mentions several other swimmers who are in their 50's that swam crazy distances.  You know I don't get it.  If you look at the list of top ten distance swimmers in Go The Distance for USMS, half of them are over 50!  (as of today)  Forget that they may be retired, or out of a job.  That kind of distance training is tough!  It shows that being over 50 doesn't mean you're ready to check into a rest home, but rather kick some young kid's butt in the pool.

The full interview with Lynn Kubasek can be found at for premium members.  I bought mine last month and always look forward to Thursday morning when I get to listen to the interview while I work.

This afternoon's swim was just me.  My cold water partners had other commitments come up.  It happens.  The temperature came up at 52.1°F.  I was going to do a full lap, but my goggles which normally are awesome and never leak were leaking and filling up on the right side every minute.  I stopped and readjusted them several times, but no matter what I tried they kept filling up.  So I opted for a lap around the east island.  I was frustrated with those stupid goggles.  Time to get new ones.  Anyhow I got in 1/2 a mile in just over 15 minutes which involved quite a bit of breaststroke, backstroke and some swimming without goggles at all.

Cathi came out with Jonas who got a fishing pole for his birthday.  He did some fishing while I swam.  They kids always love playing at the lake when I'm out there.  Oliver comes over after I get out and says, "Dad, I saw a big rat!.  It went in a hole!".  Cathi is terrified of rats and I think its good for her to come out and see them so she can get desensitized to their presence.

Hoping to swim with Josh at BL tomorrow and this time with some decent goggles!

1/2 Mile in 15:16
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