Saturday, April 16, 2011

New PR for biggest swim week ever!

This week I swam a total of 73,200 yards in the pool plus 3.5 miles open water for a total of just over 45 miles.

Today after supporting Cathi at the Salt Lake City Marathon, I drove to SDRC and did:

2000 free
2000 zombie
2000 zombie
1000 back/free by 25 straight
Some guy got in the lane next to me and was able to lap me doing the back/free combo so I switched back to straight free to see if I could get that lap back. I did and then some.
1000 free
2000 pull
2000 free
400 100 IM/100 Free/100 Back/100 IM

12,400 yards total in 3:30
This workout was fine, but at the end I was pretty BLAH. My neck was stiff right from the start. Don't know what I did. Might have slept on it funny. The plan was to go to Bountiful Lake after this workout and do a mile there if it was sunny.  It was.  So I went out there.  The temp came in at 56.9°F.  Got in and it was cold on the north side, but SO warm on the south end.  I bet it was 60 on the south side.  It felt great!  I started another lap after finishing the first one.  I had to meet Cathi at my parents house for an adult party so I only had time for an extra lap just around the eastern island, which I did with a wide circle, so I got in another 1/2 mile.

When I got out I didn't go through the shakes like I normally do.  If I had time I could have easily done another mile.  What a great swim.  I was thinking how much more enjoyable the Bountiful Lake swim was compared to the pool workout I did.  The sun was shining, and there were alot of people fishing, two canoes out on the lake and the water had definite warm pockets unlike yesterday.  What a perfect day!  Plus I broke a PR this week.  Felt wonderful!  Not sure I can top it next week, but I'll try.

1.5 Miles Open Water total in 43:53
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