Saturday, April 2, 2011

Crystal blue

Since we are up at the cabin in Logan, I went to Utah State University's HPER Pool. Everytime I swim here I get sentimental because I feel like I go back in time since the pool, deck, locker rooms are all identical to the pool that I swam at in high school, where I lifeguarded for years and ultimately met Cathi, my wife.

The water here is so clear and blue.  Really beautiful pool!

Today's swim was fantastic. I felt really strong and had full and good reaching pulls:

10,000 - 5 x 2000 free on 29:00
600 - 200 IM on 3:00, 200 free easy, 200 IM drill

10,600 yards total

I stopped at Poco Loco swim shop on Main Street in Logan before I went to the pool and bought two new pairs of goggles.  My old ones were fogging up real bad and were getting worn down.  It sure was nice to really appreciate the clean water with some really clear goggles!

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