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August 1st, 1931 Deseret News Article

Deseret News, Saturday, August 1, 1931 - "A Few Courageous Swimmers Who Seek Honors in Deseret News Salt water Marathon - Here are a few of the swimmers in the annual Deseret News Antelope Island to Saltair swim which will be staged in the water of Great Salt Lake Today.  These paddlers will represent the Deseret gym and the Saltair Beach company.  Orson Spencer is the defending senior champion and Ray Welch is the junior champ.  Billie Droubay is the only woman contestant entered.  John Thomas, Don Larson, Grant Anderson, Stand Dangerfield, Cecil Jacobsen and Lewis Carroll are practically all former high school stars who are trying the marathon for the first time."
For 35 years paddlers have been doing battle with Great Salt Lake, Utah's great inland sea in an attempt to set up new speed records.  The annual Antelope Island to Saltair marathon today will be a continuation of this colorful attempt at new records in a swim which can be and should be in time one of the most important aquatic events in the country.
The Deseret News was first started by Deseret News swimmers way back in 1897 when the gunny sack bathing suit was the latest in beach leggery.
The first salt water marathon that was tried had in three contestants, all employees of the News.  They were John Hansen, city editor at that time George Q. Morris, now of Elias Morris and Sons, and Joseph E. Caurott, present editor of the News.  The trio started from Black Rock, followed by James H. Anderson, news editor in 1897, who tagged alone with a row boat to act as guard.  The distance at that time was said to be six and one-half miles from Black Rock to Saltair.  Hansen got cramps  .... year 1898.  George Q. Morris, Dr. Ralph Lee Chamberlain and Joseph J Cannon again tried that Black Rock to Saltair paddle.  They took the course slowly and [swam] the distance in about six hours.  J. H. Anderson again backed up the swimmers with a row-boat, assisted by Dr. A. J. Ridges, now of the the Salt Lake Clinic, and Fred W. Reynolds, now with the University of Utah, extension division.  This is the first certified Great Salt Lake Marathon Swim. "

Six and a half miles from Black Rock to Saltair?  The water level must have been really high and the location of the old Saltair much further north than the current one.  

Here's my swim for today:

Got up early to make sure I'm in the water as soon as the lifeguard gets on the chair.  Thing is it didn't happen until 4:59:45.  So much for getting an extra 5 minutes.

8000 - 2 x 4000 free

had to get out for a quick bathroom break

4000 - 2 x 2000 free

400 - 100 IM/Free/IM/Back

12,400 yards total

I wanted 4x4000s, but I ended up taking too long talking to Tim in between sets.  So I had to cut today's workout from 9 miles down to 7.  (I also need to get to work early, I have a TON to do!)
Anyway Ted is going to Nationals the end of this week.  He's one of the fastest SDRC swimmers.  He and Kevin are the only ones going to Arizona from our group.  Good luck guys!
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