Friday, December 3, 2010

Insane yardage - 40,000 yards

Last night I decided to take Friday off work so that I can put in 40,000 SCY.  I normally would do that on Saturday,  but I need Saturday as well to do a long workout.  So I took the opportunity to take two LONG days this week.  Here's what I did in the morning from 5am - 1:45pm:

10000 - 20 x (200 free, 150 pull, 100 back, 50 breast)
1800 - 2 x 900s free
2400 - 3 x 800's IM/drill/free :15 ri
2800 - 4 x 700's (250 free on 3:40, 200 pull on 3:00, 150 - 25 x fly/back/breast, 100 free easy)
3000 - 5 x 600's TT start on 1:00 and go down by :01 each set.
3000 - 6 x 500's odd pull, even no equip
2800 - 7 x 400's IM no rest - :15 only
2400 - 8 x 300's free on 4:30 (1-2 kick w/fins, 3-4 free, 5-6 pull, 7-8 swim)
1800 - 9 x 200's free on 3:00 :20 ri
At the 125 yard mark get out and do 15 pushups.  Total pushups equals 135
30,000 yards

I could feel my body on the last two sets crying out for carbs.  I was low on energy, but I was still able to focus and push through strong.  I felt good.  I stopped at Little Ceasars on the way to my Mom's house and picked up a pizza.  I devoured the whole thing. 

I then napped for an hour, went to pick up Austin, Jacob and Jonas at the train station and took them to the club.  Then I immediately went back to SDRC and did 10,000 more yards. 

10000 - 10 x 1000's (1-2 free no equip, 3-4 pull, 5-6 free no equip, 7-8 pull, 9-10 free no equip.)

I really pushed the last 500 of the day to a sprint.  Tonight's 10K was awesome!  I felt absolutely no aches or pains whatsoever.  Whereas this morning's swim involved a couple of annoyances (left lower back, and left shoulder) but I was able to overcome those.  I find that if I focus on something else when in pain, that I don't really notice it anymore.  For instance if I really focus on my exhale, or push off the wall rotating the opposite of natural way, then I divert my attention to something other than the pain.

I felt so great today!  Looking forward to tomorrow.  After than, I'll definitely be able to finish by Thursday.

40,000 yards total  New Daily PR.

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