Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ninjagirl - Kia Hodgson

This morning's swim was rather uneventful until 7000 yards into it.  I was doing my sets of 2000, and was halfway into my 4th one when a woman got in the next lane over and was swimming freestyle straight through, but I wasn't making any significant progress in passing her.  She did like a full 500 yards and crossed paths at the same place!  I initially thought this was "Flowerpower" but in a solid black swimsuit, but realized that this was not her.  She reminded me of a ninja.  Very strong, yet with a stroke that appeared relaxed and efficient.  When I hit the end of my set I kept on going cause I wanted to pass her! I was making progress but I really had to increase my stroke rate.  I finally caught and passed her, but then she immediately started doing sets of 100 so I wasn't able to really pace myself when she was going nonstop.  I thought I wouldn't find a faster swimmer at SDRC than Flowerpower, and here a week later I finally run into some lady that's even faster!

Kia works as a partner at a local law firm.

When I finished my 5 sets of 2000, Kevin Mortensen was getting in and he said, "It's busy today!".  I told him I didn't recognize any of the swimmers except a few.  He said hello to "Ninjagirl" and asked if he could share a lane with her.  Apparently he knew her and introduced me to her.  Her name is Kia Hodgsen and her boy is the one who holds a bunch of HS records up on the wall.  No wonder, his mom is a ninja swimmer!  She also holds a bunch of Utah Summer Games records.  Looks like she specializes in Breast, Fly and Back.  Enough though. I'm not really a cyber stalker!  I just like to know a little background on the people who have earned my respect in the pool!

Today's swim went well and I swam really strong and had ZERO issues with my shoulder or lower back.  Felt great!

10000 - 5 x 2000 free :30-:45 rest between sets except the last one, go straight through.
600 - 6 x 100's odd IM, even free fast! on 1:45

10,600 yards total

Will be swimming OW this afternoon.  Hopefully warmer than 50 so I can do a mile!  We'll see.

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Goody Tyler IV said...

Thx for the post to the UT summer games. Even thought it was last year, I didn't realize my records had been posted too.