Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Stopped at Bountiful lake on the way home and did one lap around. My goggles were loose so I ended up fumbling with them several times before just taking them off and readjusting the tension while treading. They were fine after that.

My right shoulder was really bugging me only 100 yards into it. Not an ache but a sharp stabbing pain. But I kept going. The water was colder than I was expecting. The sun was shining all day and I was expecting mid to high 50s. My muscles got that "stick" feeling like they're literally freezing and my feet felt like bricks.

I kept telling myself that once I got to the south end of the lake it would warm up, and it did, but my right shoulder was still giving me trouble. Finished just over 30 minutes. Took temp and it was 53.8 degrees at the boat ramp.

1 mile total
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