Friday, April 22, 2011

Winter Swimming and Rob D gets a plug from H2Open

As winter swimming nears its close here in Utah, the film by Jack Bright is getting very close to its full release.  He posted a sneak peek into a portion of the 30 minute documentary which makes me even more excited to watch the whole thing:

To the normal person, they probably are thinking that those people are nuts.  In a way yes.  But until you've done it, you just don't get it.

This week I've been taking my time going through the latest H2Open Magazine.  I was pleased to see my friend Rob get mentioned in the magazine as one of the best blogs to read for open water swimming.  I'd agree.  But what makes his site so juicy is his writing style and all the pictures and artwork he includes.  In my opinion, he's the most popular swim blogger out there.

This morning I slept in, but still got up early enough to get to work really early.  I'm taking the scouts to Bountiful Lake this afternoon and we're camping out.  I'll definitely be spending some time out there swimming while the boys kayak next to me.  
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