Monday, April 18, 2011

Swimming with Goody at Ogden Athletic Club

Last night I went to bed at 8:30 cause I had to get up at 3:30am to meet Goody for a swim at his pool which is the Ogden Athletic Club.

This place is huge!  It has a mediocre pool, but the facility in whole is probably better than SDRC.  It has way more weights and fitness equipment.  It has raquetball, tennis courts, a nice little snack bar, a licensed masseuse and physical therapist, coed and gender only hot tubs and steam rooms.  If I lived in Ogden, I would most definitely be a member there.  But it's about 25 minutes further north and that's the opposite direction of my work.

 But I love SDRC and especially the underwater lights.  Swimming at OAC was a little depressing as the place was not well lit and I really enjoy swimming in a bright atmosphere.  Plus I like the option of being able to swim at 4:30am if I'm crazy enough to get up that early, but 5:15am is perfect for me.  I'm still not a very natural morning person.

Being that I was on Goody's turf, I just was there for the ride and did whatever he was going to do.  I didn't even keep track of my yards.  Mostly because he showed me his cool toy.  He has a lap counter that he puts on his finger and just taps it every time he does a 50.  We did 100 laps to get 5000 yards which consisted of about 300 yards kicking, the rest was free with some backstroke thrown in.  I wasn't really feeling too energetic and just did zombie free most of the time.

He gave me some pointers on my backstroke and took some video for me.  I was actually pretty pleased with how it looked.  I would have thought it was way worse than it was.  Granted its far from perfect, but not bad.  It was good talking with Goody and getting to know him a little better.   Haven't had much opportunity at BL to talk much, so it was cool to have a laid back swim session this morning to socialize a little instead of just crank out yards.

5000 yards total

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