Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Half mile in BL @ 52°

I had planned on swimming at BL this afternoon when I woke up, but it was raining and generally pretty crappy outside so I had decided to swim out there tomorrow instead.  However I looked out my office window at 5:00pm and saw that it was partly cloudy and the sun was shining through so I hurried out there.

I took a temp before I got in and it read 52.3°F.  I only had time for a half mile, so I hurried around the eastern island in 12:05.  I was pleased that I was able to be fully in control of my breathing and was able to do bilateral the whole time.  My stroke was strong, yet easy.  I definitely could tell I wasn't swimming in sub 50°F water.  My body still had pins and needles and then the burning sensation, but it wasn't as painful and I wasn't as intent on hurrying to the finish in order to get out.

After I got out a couple of people came over to the car and talked to me while I dried off, Grant who is an older guy with a gray mustache.  He had a cute little boxer puppy.  I forgot the name of the lady.  She asked me if I ever am worried about the dirty lake.  I told her I've never got sick or had skin problems because of it, so I'm good to keep going.  They both are big fans of Bountiful Lake and love the area.  I've seen them there before last year and I believe talked with them last season. I'm terrible with names and faces.  So I'm making a note of them here so I hopefully remember them next time when I see them.

1/2 mile in 12:05
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