Friday, March 11, 2011

Tsunami last night

Last night apparently there was a massive eathquake in Japan that sent Tsunami waves towards Hawaii.  Here's some details.  Apparently Steven Munatones and Penny Palfrey were going to do a swim today.  Good thing we live in a day in age where you get lots of warning before something like that happens.  Maybe one day they'll have Earthquake warning systems.  That would be cool.  Anyhow today's swim was much shorter since I have to go camping with the scouts this weekend and need to get off work at 2pm.  So I had to cut my swim to 6000 yards:

1500 yards free nice and easy before Masters:

200 Drill free
800 - 4 x 200 IMs
I was strict on these and did every fly set both arms and no cheating.   Craig told me on my backstroke that I'm bent in a sitting position and need to get my hips up.  Didn't know that.  Will need to work on getting my head further back so I can get more streamlined.  
1800 yard Pyramid:

4 x 50's free on :45
3 x 100's free on 1:30
2 x 150's free on 2:15
1 x 200 free on 3:00

2 x 150's free on 2:15
3 x 100's free on 1:30
4 x 50's free on :45

400 Kick with fins
200 Easy
100 Back

Then did 500 more kicking with fins and got out.  I asked Kris about the names of a few more swimmers in the last three lanes:  Matthew, Scott, and Alex.  I'm terrible at names.  Hoping that by documenting it, I'll push those names a little deeper into my tiny brain.

6000 yards total

Tomorrow morning I'll be helping the scouts tear down camp and then help a friend move, so if I do get in a swim it'll be in the late afternoon.  Hopefully it'll work out and I can get in a good Saturday workout too.  This week was far from ideal.  I took Tuesday and Thursday off.  That's bad!
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