Friday, March 4, 2011

Fantastic Friday evening swim

I found out late this afternoon that the SDRC pool will be closed after 9am so I called Surf n'swim and just my luck they have an age group swim meet all morning. So my 15 mile swim looks like it'll have to be postponed. I'll have to take what I can get tomorrow morning and be grateful for the three hours that I'll get.

My sweet wife agreed to let me stop at the pool on the way home from work since my long Sat swim is now comprimised. Here's what I did:

1000 free strong on 14:30
2000 pull on 28:00
1000 - 10 x 100s on 1:45, odds IM evens free. Held <1:25 on IMs and <1:17 on free
1000 free strong on 14:30
1000 pull build!

6000 yards total
11500 yards for the day
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