Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday SDRC!

2000 yards free no equipment
200 easy
Then joined Masters:
300 easy
200 - 4 x 50's back on :50
400 - 4 x 100's free on 1:25
200 - 4 x 50's back on :50
400 - 1 x 400 free pull @ 70% on 5:30
50 easy
200 - 4 x 50's back sprint on :50
400 - 2 x 200 free @ 70% on 3:30
200 - 2 x 100's sprint back on 1:45
400 - 4 x 100's free @ 70@ on 1:30
I sprinted the very last 100 and was able to get a 1:02 off the wall.  Not bad.
50 easy
200 - 4 x 50's sprint back on 1:00
300 cooldown alternate free/back by 25s

1000 kick with fins
4000 - 2 x 2000's first set with equip, second no equipment on 15:00
On the last sets of 2000 I had Brad and Jeff in the next two lanes which kept the pace for me at a nice strong pace.
100 IM easy

10,600 yards total

Today is the 4th anniversary of the SDRC being built.  It was build to replace the Bountiful Bubble where I was a member of the age group team in high school, the "Bountiful Sharks".  The Bubble before the SDRC was nice cause it was a 50 meter pool, but I like that this is an indoor pool.  Bubble facilities get too noisy in the winter time and the air is too hot.  SDRC is the best facility that I've been to since Deseret Gym.

However, if I got a dollar for every announcement (especially last minute ones) that ended with "We apologize for any inconvenience", I could almost pay for my yearly membership.  The Management needs to do better with making timely closure announcements, and I've already made the suggestion that they create a Google Group where people could sign up for email notifications and then all they would have to do is make an announcement on the group, and then everyone who cares would get emailed/texted instead of finding out the moment they show up (since they're not so great about making closure announcements until either the night before or the day of the closure).  But I don't want to dwell on the negative.

The facility is clean, and the pool area is awesome so I'm glad to be a paying member.  Happy Birthday SDRC!  The facility was kind enough to provide breakfast for everyone so on the way out I had a stack of three delicious pancakes and some fruit, and then a poppy seed muffin.  Thank you!
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