Friday, March 25, 2011

Now this is winter swimming!

Today it snowed quite heavily in downtown Salt Lake.  It didn't really stick, but it looked like a blizzard at times.  Austin wanted to go to the table tennis club tonight so that worked out really good.  I dropped him off and drove over to Bountiful Lake.  There was about an inch of snow in some places.  I got all ready to go in my car.  I opened the door and walked straight to the waters edge and went right in.  The fishermen who were talking looked over and their faces were in disbelief as I got in and just started swimming, no hesitation.

The water actually felt pretty good getting in.  Swam the full half mile around the island and back.  When I got back I walked straight to the car, dried off and got dressed, then warmed up in the car with the heater going full blast.  I had a hot chocolate ready to go of course.  After getting past "the shakes" for 10 minutes I went back to the water and took a temp reading with the digital thermometer.  It read 44.6° F.  Nice!  Now that is winter swimming!  My time was 11:13 too.  That's a faster pace than my mile PR.  My PR for the mile is 22:33 in a 25y pool.    Helps to have cold water really push you as fast as you possibly can.

Then I drove straight to SDRC and got in the hot tub for 10 minutes which felt great!  Then I went over to the comp pool and did:

8000 - 8  x 1000 free on 15:00
200 IM

8200 yards pool swim + half mile OW = 5 miles total


Chris said...

wow. very admirable. did you have an escort?

Gords said...

15 yards from shoreline and had the Swim Safety Device.