Thursday, March 17, 2011

Half a mile in 50° with no wetsuit

Swam a half mile at BL tonight.  The temp read 50.0° exactly.  I tried to stay relaxed at times and not push it, and at other times, I really kicked hard and did long strong strokes.  Finished in 12:14  Pretty good.

I was fine while I was in the water, but once I got out, my body spiraled into severe hypothermia mode.  I was shaking quite dramatically.  I was a little dizzy, my jaw was locked and I couldn't talk.  It took about 15 minutes of sitting in a 115° car to get back to normal.  Felt great about the swim.  I think I'll stick with this distance until I'm able to handle the after affects better.  I've never had hypothermia that bad before.

Goody brought a swimming friend, Alicia and they both swam 200 yards from the east fishing dock.   Josh and Jake both swam 400 yards starting from the south fishing dock.  While this swim was fun, the excitement about it being a major challenge is losing its effect.  It's feeling more like a normal thing and the rush is still there, but is turning into more of practice and training for cold water, than a big event.  I'm not sure I'm going to have Cathi do any more videoing just cause it's not a "fireworks event" for me anymore.  Anyhow, she took some video again this week and so I processed it.  Click below to view it:

Tomorrow morning I'll do a swim at SDRC and then catch a flight to SF for the OW Safety Conference!  Should be lots of fun!
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