Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Half Mile in 11:20 @ 48° water

Today I brought my Mom along with me on this afternoon's swim.  The sun was shining nicely, but the air temp was still pretty cool (49° F).  The water warmed up just a little from yesterday afternoon from 45.5° to 48.2° F. Nice!  The wind was calm at about 5 knots I'm guessing.

I went out and around the island again and back.  This time I used the SSD with nothing inside of it.  Just air.  Man I didn't feel any tug whatsoever and it never hit my butt or legs, I didn't even feel it.  It probably behaves differently when it's packed full of stuff, but it was awesome.  I'm definitely taking it with me from now on instead of the rescue tube cause its a brighter color, and fits nicely right around my waist and again because its so unnoticeable to me when I'm swimming.

Today's swim was almost a full minute faster because I was really pushing it.  Last week I stopped a couple times to sight for Goody and Alicia, but this time I just kept my head in and really pulled hard.  Half mile in 11:20.  I'm looking forward to the swim on Thursday.  I'll stick with this distance for a couple weeks and then bump it up a notch as the temp gets in the low 50s.

My mom took some video and I know its the same old thing, so don't bother watching it if you don't want to.  Nothing really different about this swim, but here it is anyway.
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