Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Not the right mindset

Yesterday evening on the way home from work I stopped at BL.  The wind from the south was pretty strong and causing some pretty good waves in the lake.  I took a temp and was shocked to see it come up as 45.5°!  There was only one person fishing by the boat ramp.  With the combination of wind, and cold my mind started wimping out and I was questioning going in, especially alone (even with an SSD).  I wasn't feeling confident in doing an out and around the island swim, at least without someone there to cheer me on.  So I decided to go for it tomorrow and hopefully the wind calms down a little.

Well it's snowing now so the temp will probably be the same as it was yesterday, but along with that though there is not much wind so that's good.  I got my Mom to come out since she hasn't seen any of this shinaniganz.

This morning I was in the water at 5:58 am and did:

10,000 - 2 x 5000 yards free no equipment  Channel pace.  Did this in 2:35

Looking forward to a calm evening swim in BL tonight.  It's nice to have someone come out not really for the attention or "look at me" aspect, but it makes me more accountable.  There isn't any talking myself out of it if someone's there.  So it should be good.
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