Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm officially back to being "Chunky"

I like to pretend that my wife hurt my feelings today when she said, "the old chunky Gordon is back" comment.  OK I admit I've been making really bad food choices lately and I have been thinking that putting on a little is OK with the cold water training I've been doing and plan to do.  The GSL swim in the end of May is still going to be pretty cold and that is for about 8-9 hours at a time.  But based on the comment at the OW Safety conference by Paul Asmuth, the excuse to put on extra weight in his opinion isn't necessary.  He said that if you simply put more time into swimming as fast as you can for as long as you can, that is the best way to prepare, not just put on more weight.

I'll miss you Sausage Egg McMuffin!

Today's swim was troubling and here's why:  My Father in Law called me a few days ago to inform me about some water damage that apparently occurred at the cabin that he was told about.  I'm in charge of taking care of the cabin, and I've been somewhat neglectful in getting up there as much as I should.  So during my swim today I kept envisioning all this water damage in my head and fretting over it.  Here's what I did get in:

1000 - 1 x 1000 free
1800 - 2 x 900 free
2400 - 3 x 800 free
2300 - 4 x 700 free (except I only got 200 yards into my 4th set)

During most of this workout I couldn't focus really well on my stroke or going fast.  I was constantly thinking about the cabin and I was feeling guilty, and curious about what action needed to take place to get it in good order, so I jumped out angrily, got dressed and drove up there.  I had to call in to work to take the day off, but I needed to do something!

Come to find out, it wasn't as bad as I thought, and I did some cleanup and made some notes for future visitors to help reduce the odds of further damage occurring.

Went back home and cleaned the house a little, and then went to Bountiful Lake for a very cold half mile swim.  The water temp came to 46.1° F on the digital thermometer.  I used the SSD again.  I love that thing.  It really is unnoticeable to me as a swimmer.  Did the half mile in 11:31.  Cathi took some vid again per Goody's request.

8400 yards total (900 yards being open water)
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