Friday, January 29, 2010

What is it with old people and warm water?

Gotta love it when fat old people tie an inflatable thing around their waste, move their legs in the water and call that a workout. Then they have the nerve to complain when the water is below 80 degrees. The reason I'm so rude, is today's pool was hot! I asked the lifeguard what it was and he said 85 degrees.

So the Layton pool is now succumbing to warmer water now. I'm telling you what no more am I going to do long swims at Layton. It's fine for maybe an hour swim, but for two or more hours, it's to fatiguing to swim in water that starts to cook ya! I'll be going to SDRC on long swims from now on.

Today's workout was cut short. I planned on 10K and ended up doing 6.4K. I just didn't have the energy.

800 (200 drill kick pull swim)
5500- 1000 :30 rest between sets
900 hold pace
800 hold pace
700 hold pace
600 hold pace
500 hold pace
400 hold pace
300 hold pace
200 hold pace
100 FAST!

My pace on these sucked! My right shoulder was not as good as last night, and I pulled a muscle in my neck this morning and I'm stiff on the left side now. I also had to help Cathi clean the church at 9:30, so I figured 6600 yards was good for today and cut it short (Sorry Coach! But I did do an extra 1500 yesterday too.

300 really, really easy. can use equipment

total 6600 yards

Total for this week is 23,500 yards.

I think I'm going to start taking cold baths. I'm getting nervous about swimming in all this hot water that its acclimating me the wrong way!
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