Thursday, February 4, 2010


On Monday Morning I woke up with some major pressure in my ears. I immediately thought it might be an ear infection, but decided to just take it easy. Unfortunately it only got worse. Tuesday night I only got about 3 hours of sleep as my head was pounding with every heart beat and my ears were so plugged up that I could also hear my heartbeat.

I camped out at the Dr's office on Tuesday morning and he looked in my ears and without hesitation agreed it was an ear infection. So all this week I've been experiencing fever, throbbing in my head, lack of energy and at times a desire to die. So needless to say I haven't swam at all this week. The Amoxicillin I started taking on Tuesday morning, has made much difference, and the Ibuprofen I've also been taking has done little to take away the pain. Say a prayer for me K?

On a side note, I got a response back from the Utah State Parks regarding my desire to know more about the Mercury levels of the Great Salt Lake.


Although Great Salt Lake has elevated levels of Mercury, the elevated levels are mostly concentrated to specific areas. These levels should pose no threat to your adventure. People swim in the Great Salt Lake on a regular basis.

Most of the warnings about Mercury in Great Salt Lake are for pregnant women to not eat a specific duck that migrates through here.

I don't know when you are planning on swimming the lake. During the winter the lake is too dangerously cold as it will drop down to 24 degrees (well below freezing).

Summer temperatures will climb to over 80 degrees.

Swimming in the lake is very easy (as long as the seas are calm) as you cant sink. You can't even force yourself under the water.

But when the seas are up, swimming is very tough because of the extreme density of the waves.

hope this helps.


Dave Shearer
Great Salt Lake State Marina
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