Friday, January 8, 2010

Evening swim

While the boys were at WFTTC I did this:

200 warmup 50 kick-drill-pull-swim
30x200 (5 pull, 5 pads only, 10 descend 1-3 and hold to 5, two times. 5 pull, 5 pads only) pull sets on 2:45, descend sets on 3:15

The first 10 of the 200s with pads were good and I was getting 2:45 with plenty of rest, but after the descending sets I wasn't getting much rest at all. The descending sets were tough cause I was already tired. I didn't get much to eat today and I was low on energy. But I did get them faster. Got the 4th/5th ones right around 2:36-2:38.

total 6200

So I did 10K today including this morning's workout. Not bad.
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