Saturday, January 23, 2010

Man I'm beat!

I printed out today's workout and even made notes on the second set with the ladder with expected estimates of each time. When I went inside I noticed I didn't have the printout. I went back to the car tracing my steps and couldn't find it, so its a good thing I studied it out. I did the following from memory:

1000 - 4-4-4 1:30/100 yd base
6000 - 1000 moderate :30 rest on all moderates/strong
800 moderate
600 fast! :45 rest on all fasts!
400 fast!
200 fast!
200 moderate :30
400 moderate
600 strong
800 fast! :45
1000 fast! REALLY FAST! record your time.
On the first 1000 (14:32) last 1000 (14:57) What! I totally kicked it on that last 1000. I'm thinking I did 100 too much and here's why. At around 600 yards into it some stupid lady got in when I was on my way back. I was already sharing a lane so I was just to one side the whole time already. Well I almost ran into this stupid lady, but missed her and kept going. I wasn't about to throw away the most import portion of today's workout. When I flipped and came back I passed her on the left. I think she realized this wasn't the lane to be in and she only did one length and moved over to another lane with another senior citizen. I really pushed it and was very disappointed that I didn't keep better track of my yards. I'm thinking I got close to 13:20 or so if I didn't do an extra 100.


100 EZ

1600 - 4x400 descend 1-3 and hold. 3 and 4 FAST! Got 5:19 on the 4th set. I wasn't overly pleased with that time, but I'm telling you my arms were beat from set one! My triceps felt like they were full of lead.

100 EZ

1000 - 400 free ez, 300 kick, 200 back, 100 one arm drills

100 EZ

total 10,000 yards

Today's workout was tougher than Mondays! And this was over a mile shorter. I think when I'm required to push myself faster than my base, it really takes a toll. So maybe that's something I need more of is sprint sets that are longer than 200 yards. I'm happy I got the yards in and while I didn't really give up, the times I got were a little slower than I desired. So I'm a little disappointed.

But this week has been a great week. I've put in 38,300 yards this week. Not too shabby.
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