Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This was supposed to be easy

400 - (100 drill kick pull swim)

2100 - 3x700 pull w/ band relaxed pace on 10:15
1200 - 2x600 medium pace on 9:00
500 - 1x500 strong pace (
100 warmdown

total 4200

Even from the start of the 700 pulls, my shoulders and lats were sore. I think Monday's long swim made me a little stiff. By the time I got to the 500 it wasn't as bad.

I got an email from John Quackenbush yesterday. I asked him about info on the Bear Lake Swim. I was thinking about the double crossing idea. John's friend did a one way width crossing last year. According to his route, there is a pretty strong current going North to South. That is a concern when going perpendicular to it. So John has been trying to convince me to just to a length swim which he says is almost the same as a double width crossing. Considering the constant fight with the current, he's probably right. So I'm thinking through the logistics of doing that long of a swim. 20 miles is a long way! But going with the current should help.
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