Friday, January 29, 2010


1000 - 4-4-4 w/ drill mixed in
4500 - 3x1500 Descending 1-3 (21:27, 21:08, 20:53)
100 warmdown

5600 yards total @ SDRC. The pool is so much colder than Layton. More underwater lights and the pool is so clean. Layton's pool has dirt and junk at the bottom and the water has a foul aftertaste. If I lived in Bountiful I'd be a lucky man. But I'm happy to have it be my secondary pool. In fact tonight, I got another 25 punch card. Which should last me for another six months or so.

Cathi gave my right shoulder blade some serious deep tissue massage last night. It felt like there was a third shoulder blade in there the knot was so big! But tonight's swim was great! I focused on sticking to bilateral breathing and not making my pace go so fast that it forced me to increasing the frequency of my breathing. I stayed loose and focused on a long, extended reach, and keeping my pace relaxed and strong at the same time. It felt really good. I'm hoping tonight she works just for a few minutes more on it. I can tell it's still there, but so much better.

Tomorrow morning I'm doing another 10K yards at Layton.
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