Thursday, January 7, 2010

Anger Management issues

This morning before leaving to go swim I woke up Austin to review his homework. Needless to say he didn't do a big portion of it and he also had trouble locating some of his other stuff. I spent a good hour helping him correct his mistakes and in my frustration and ranting kicked a chair with my steel toed boots on and cut the top portion of my foot with the inside edge of the steel arch. Ouch! I really need to control my temper. Plus it didn't help that I only got 4 hours sleep last night. I was busy creating a massive spreadsheet for scouts.

So today's swim was cut short as I was already seriously late for work, but I didn't want to go to work in the rage that I was in. I had to swim, so I only ended up doing 2700 yards of this prescribed workout:

500 - 10x50 down drill back swim warmup :50-:55

1800 - 6x { 200 fast on 2:45, 100 normal pace on 1:45)
400 - 8x50 kick w/board, odds 20yds 'tombstone', rest normal, evens normal. on 1:20
stopped here, but here's the rest I was supposed to do:

900 - 12x75 (5 fast pace, 1 easy) :10 rest on first one, then have that as your interval, add :10-:15 for the 1 easy one. these are the same pace as the 200s!
400 - 16x25 3 sprint, 1 easy, mix up strokes. :30
100 - 100 warmdown

TOTAL 4100
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