Thursday, January 28, 2010

600 - 12x50 6 easy warmup, 6 descend 1-3 two times. :55
2400 - 12x200 3:00 strong pace bank
I decided to take one extra minute at the halfway mark for rest. I wasn't feeling so great. I was getting these between 2:40-2:45 and banking by just a couple seconds. I first thought I'll split this into fourths, and then thirds, but was able to put off the extra minute rest to the half way point. The second half went a little better. I was able to bank 15 seconds up to the last set. But my times weren't impressive. 2:45. My shoulder blades are stiff. I really need to get a massage, but can't afford the $30 to get one right now. Hopefully Cathi is feeling charitable tonight and I can get some knots smoothed out.

900 - 12x75 pull with ankle band recovery on 1:10
50 - 50 all out sprint be well under 30 (Landed on 28 something).
150 warmdown.

total - 4100

Got in much earlier and was out of the pool by 8:10. Other than my shoulder blades hurting from the start of the 200's, it was a good workout.

I'm worried about getting cold water exposure. The pool is so warm, and I need to get to the point by July that 55 degree water isn't too big of a deal.
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