Monday, January 25, 2010

Banking 100s

400 (100 swim kick pull swim)

3500 - 5x [5x100 1:30 bank] [8x25 back on :30] take extra :15 between these
300 warmdown, down breast arms w fly kick back breast arms with free kick

total 4200

Some guy next lane over was holding @1:20 bases on 400 free sets. Pretty impressive. Shared a lane with Shiny. Today's workout was kind of easy. I was banking pretty much on every set. And I shortened the rest time from :30 to :15 in between each major set.

Got an email from Neil Phillips last night. He's the first guy to swim the length of Bear Lake. He was warning me about the sun, the currents and the cold. I'm getting excited for it.
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