Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Texas 25s

I got to watching a couple different Channel Crossings on youtube and started getting butterflies thinking about my day in the channel. It made me eager to get back in the water so I did another small workout this evening.

I prefer swimming in the morning cause lap swim goes from 5:30 to noon and I have more freedom, but in the evening it's only open 9-10 and I can only swim for an hour max. So that leaves swimming more than 4000 yards out of the picture in the evening. So tonight I didn't focus on distance, but on speed and technique.

1000 - 4x4x4's. 100's on 1:30 and 50's on :45 go strong
1000 - 2 x 500 kick with fins.
500 - 20 x Texas 25's - STRONG! on :40

2500 yards (and some change)

Still planning on swimming in the morning so I better get to bed!
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