Monday, January 11, 2010

Can anyone even swim that far?

Last Saturday afternoon I took Jacob and his friend, Corbin Harmer swimming. We were talking about the mile swim badge that scouts can earn. Corbin said, "1 mile? Can anyone even swim that far?" I had to chuckle at his simple respect for distance swimming.

Today's swim was fun! Lots of sprint work.
500 - 200 free warmup, 100 back, 200 free
1050 - 3 x {6x50 on :45, 2x25 fly on :30}
Was able to hold the times on these even though I was huffing and puffing especially on the flys. I'm not much of a flyer anymore.

50 easy
600 - 12x100 odds moderate, evens fast! on 1:30
100 easy
200 - 4x50 fast! on 1:40 lots of rest, make them count! (got all @ :30)
500 - 10x50 drill choice on :50
100 - 2x50 fast! 1:40 (:30, :28)
I really wanted to go faster than :30 on the last one, so I went berzerk on the last one. Fun!

300 warmdown

total 4000

What a great workout. I was in the end lane that is like 1 1/2 width of normal lane. Two ladies got in next to me just before the 50 sprints and they were wearing the float belts and just "jogged" in the deep end to the other end. I felt bad cause they obviously didn't appreciate my sprint sets with the waves and splashing. But if you're going to get in the pool, your hair is most likely gonna get wet.
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