Monday, February 21, 1994

Punching a hole in the wall!

300 - 100 of fly, breast, and free

300 - 100 kick of the above strokes

1000 - 2 x 500's descend time w/ negative split

200 - ez

400 - 4 x 100's descend time last one under (1:00)

200 - warmdown

2400 total

Sarah totally dogged me yesterday (there must be something about that name "Sarah". They all seem to like to play games with my head.) cause she said she would come with me to church but instead she went running with her roommate Jill. Her ward was cancelled because of the holiday so she was supposed to come to my ward anyways. I saw her running and was enraged.

I was supposed to call her as soon as I got home, but I put it off for 4 hours. I wan't to be sure it was her running, so I called and found it was her. I got off the phone and went nuts. I punched a hole in the wall. I was so mad that I had to punch a hole. Why couldn't I have broken my arm? It would have felt alot better. Now I have to fix the hole, or pay for it. Crap!

My new roommate came and I was glad that I was calm by then. He came just as I was in the lounge having Elder's Quorum Prayer. When I got back, the peace of that prayer took main part of my anger away. We talked. He left to go home and I lifted for a bit, but I was so sore from Saturday's lifting with Sarah.

We are playing raquetball today at 5 and swimming, so it looks like I am getting 2 workouts today. I also have a few people on my Water Polo team.
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