Thursday, February 10, 1994

10 Feb 1994

600 200 swim, kick, pull

1600 8 x 200's descend on 4:00

500 10 x 50's fly concentrating on breathing less on 2:00

300 6 x 50's fly kick on 1:30

100 fly getting under 1:15

100 ez

3100 total

Today Bryan came. He is from Colorado. 40 minutes south of Denver and 1 hour north of Colorado Springs.

We both were hating it on the 200's but finished it gracefully. He is more of a freestyler than a flyer. So he adjusted his fly to free while I alternated fly and free on the 10 x 50's. At the end he did a 1:05 free and I did a 1:13 100 fly. I always die on the last 25. My 75 time was a :50. But the last 25 was dragging my arms and I was really having a tough time. I almost gave up.

He had really good times in High school. He had a 49 second 100 free once. But now he can't get a :55 probably. Not to judge him. It just goes to show how staying in shape helps in times. If he came every day to swim with me I bet he could get his 100 back down, but he only comes in every other day or so.

I guess I am a bit hypocritical in saying that cause tomorrow I am only going to swim around 1000 with Sarah (Bowman of course) after a date. But that will be the first time that I miss a workout in a long time.

Sarah Madsen dumped me for today's ballroom dance. She decided to sleep instead (so says Brenda). Her other class was canceled so she decided to sleep all day. I danced with Brenda until her partner came who was late 20 minutes. He hates the class and so does Sarah Brenda says. I fell like telling Sarah and Brenda's partner to just drop the class so Brenda and I can do it.

I am looking forward to tomorrow to get to know Sarah better. I am go ing skiing with her next Thursday too.
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