Monday, February 14, 1994

14 Feb 1994 - Valentines Day - professing my love for Sarah Bowman

I swam about 3,000 yards but didn't make a workout. One of the guards made it and I can't remember it. I swam with Sarah for 2,000 yards of it. I bought her a rose and gave it to her. I also got a Gorilla with a love note in it. It said the following:

February 14, 1994

Dearest Sarah,

It isn't just valentine's day that causes me to feel extra romantic or anything. I have felt like this ever since the dance last Saturday and getting to know you well. I had a wonderful time with you. You fill my heart with joy with the time spent with you. I don't want to seem pushy or overly forward, but I want to spend as much time with you as possible, cause I like the way I feel when I am with you.

I am not the smoothest and graceful guy like a cute little puppy dog. On the contrary I am as simple and ponderous as this here Gorilla. Full of love for a friend.

I hope you would come to me if you have a need for anything. I will be here for you, Sarah. I wish that when someone asks you, "Who is your best friend?", that one day you will be able to answer "Gordon Gridley".

I love you with all of my heart Sarah Bowman!

Happy Valentine's Day.


I put this letter in the Gorilla's hands and put it on her bed. So she got it when she got home after the workout. We went to the sisters for family home evening and played uno. The we talked about skiing and stuff for a while. Now I am home and want to play racquetball with Sarah tomorrow night. She is on the other line and will call back soon.
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