Thursday, February 24, 1994

Getting humbled in waterpolo

Today at 6:00 we begin practising and at 7:00 we begin playing the waterpolo championship. We have about 10 players now and will have plenty of substitutes.

I got about 10 CDs in the mail today. and am listening to them now. I'll finish this tonight and tell you how it went. cya

I got back from the waterpolo game and looks like the Lord saw fit to humble me. We got beat 15-2. I prayed that we would have fun, and I did. So I consider that prayer answered. I never prayed to win, and we didn't. I just wanted to have fun and that everyone else on the team would as well. That our team would not judge each other for mistakes but support each other and help each other. I grew closer to Bryan. He is so excited for swimming meet. So am I. He said all he wanted was to take 1st in 50 free. I hope he does. I no longer have enmity towards him as a competitor. We are working out together. If he wins, I'll be just as happy. Probably happier. I sense his desire and the love I feel for him is great and hope he wins. I won't let him win though. I am going to push him as if I didn't know him. Plus he'll have an idea of how fast to swim and improve by swimming with me. The other guys at water polo were good at polo, but we'll see exactly how fast they are. Actually when they started the game both times one guy beat Bryan to the ball so there is a fast guy other than Bryan at Ricks. However, Bryan really isn't the best sprinter either. But it is good to see there is other competition other than Bryan at school. What ticks me off is - if there are good swimmers at Ricks College why don't they get off their butts and form a swim team or club or something. I am going to organize one after the meet for next year.

Sarah got an A on the test. The Lord also answered my prayer in that regard. I am happy for her. She said it was hard and that she thought she got an F. But when she got the results she about passed out. The Lord loves me and I am happy. I am grateful at this moment.

I asked Sarah also if she would be in the ballroom competition with me since Sarah Madsen couldn't make it. She agreed and we have 3 weeks to learn it and compete on March 19th.

She asked me to go to the dance Friday, but I don't want to if she is going to play the field in front of me. If I go I want her, and no one else.
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