Monday, February 7, 1994

7 Feb 1994 - Sarah Bowman and Jadie Dalton - Valentines Dance poem

400 200 swim, kick

400 4 x 100's free getting under 1:00 on 3:00

8 x 75's control on 1:30

1200 8 x 50's build on 1:00

8 x 25's sprint on :30

400 4 x 100's kick on 2:30

100 ez

400 4 x 100's free getting under 1:05 on 3:00

200 warmdown

3100 total

This is Monday. Last Friday I asked Sarah Bowman and another lifeguard girl out on a date (for a double date with Shawn). We had 4 couples. We all went roller skating, and came home for a dinner that we all guys cooked up. It was spaghetti and Salad. All over candle light. Watched Alladin and went to the dance for the last 30 minutes.

Jadie is one of the guards. She is quiet and polite. Not seemingly self confident. I didn't want to leave her out but she was the last one to get picked to dance by all the guys so I was almost "stuck" with her. Not to be rude.

Sarah was the one I wanted, but Shawn snagged her. I don't blame him. I asked her to the Valentine's dance yesterday. Her is the way I asked her.

to Sarah -

WILT the sky always stay so blue?

THOU knowest!

GO and tell the world what's true.

WITH all the rumours of chicken little -

ME, what's what is not cruel.

TO be wild with riddles -

THE scarcity of duals.

VALENTINE'S, with arrows in their heads - CUPID!

DANCE? Poems that form something quite stupid.

If yes, then the water will tell with the colourful

rings lined up on the bottom of the sea.

If no, then the reasons must be.

One lonely brick will lay there saying so.

So I came into swim at 5:00 as normal and there she was. I smiled and she smiled but there was nothing at the bottom of the pool. I was wondering if she got the letter. I put it under the door of her apartment.

When I was doing the 100's under 1:00 all of a sudden I see rings entering the water all around me with great force. Many and many of them. I was feeling awesome. I was happy at the rate of the entrance of the rings showing that she put forth care.

You see, alot of girls around here put off an attitude of laziness in socialism. They don't care and are real lethargic.

But Sarah with her pretty smile makes a world of difference. I asked her if Friday was good and went on with my workout. I'll call her Thursday and arrange the whole things with her.

I fear Jadie may be liking me in a sincere way. She came and swam in my lane for the first time. I hope I never have to break her heart. I know what it is like, but don't want to go for it, for her heart's sake.

I swam well today and almost gave up, but finished it. Changed the original order but you have what I did in order.
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