Tuesday, February 8, 1994

8 Feb 1994 - Jadie Dalton's workout

400 swim, kick

1200 8 x 150's pull on 2:15

300 6 x 50's alternate arms fly on 1:20

100 ez

600 12 x 50's 50 fast free on 1:00, 50 fly on 2:00

400 4 x 100's kick on 2:15

200 ez

3200 total

I did this workout and all of a sudden I see Jadie swim for the second day.

She got out about half way through my workout. When I look up the side for my workout, this is next to it -




WARM UP: -Meet at Ricks College Pool @ 6:30 p.m.

-Walk to M.C. West Ballroom for country dance


- 30 Minutes (instructional)

WORKOUT: - Country Swing

- Two Steppin'

- Line Dancing

(In whatever order for at least 2 hours)

COOL DOWN: - Brisk walk to Dorm 3 for intense eating of


Note: If you choose to follow this customized "Optional Workout Program please contact (Trainer) Jadie Dalton at 356-1684.

p.s.- only if you want to.

I was hoping something like this wouldn't happen. I called her to tell her of my 8:00 class and that I could only do it until then.

She then brought up that I asked Sarah to the Formal. She asked how she answered. I didn't want to go into great detail for I felt conflict as it was so I just said that she threw some of the colored rings in the pool.

She said, "how cute, you guys will have fun." I didn't really want to talk about it and felt real awkward. I said, "well, I'll just see you tomorrow." Then there was silence on the phone for a good 5 seconds. I was sure that she was interpreting the word, "just" as something rude. I didn't want to push her away, but I was feeling really weird talking about it, when I know that she likes me and we are talking about someone I like. I don't want to break hearts, cause I know what it is like, but like I said yesterday, I don't want to feel obliged to take her on.

I am sure she was probably hurt by the way that silence hung. I said, "Thanks for the workout" but should have said more because it was really well typed. She is a total perfectionist.

I also was ticked at Sarah (Madsen) because she cancelled this Thursday's dancing class. So I called later and put her on Friday night's formal and put the cool Sarah (Bowman) on Saturday. I called the Loft to get reservations and don't need them.

So I got the tickets and am ready to party.

Went to Chris Norton's basketball game and they played the number 1 ranked team. It was the best game I have ever witnessed. They were down by 20 and came back and won by 4 points in overtime. I lost my voice from screaming so loud. My hands burnt from the clapping. I have never gotten so involved in a ball game. I felt really proud of those guys.
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