Friday, February 4, 1994

4 Feb 1994

600 - 200 kick, free, pull

2500 - 100 x 25's fly on 1:00

100 - ez

3200 total

Clay Jensen came and the last 50 of my fly workout raced me. I can do 25 fly in 12 seconds, however, my second 25 totally sucks. I was lucky to get a :30 50 fly. I am just hoping that I sucked so bad because it was after I had just done 2450 yards fly. If I did it after just doing about 100 to warm up I would get it down.

The lifeguards two girls, asked me what my 100 fly time is. I said honestly, "I don't know, I have never done 100 fly" I was about to ask Katie out. She is blonde and tall and a little chunky. The only reason I am attracted to her is because she is so obvious in her attraction to me. She smiles every second she can and her eyes are focused on mine. That is the look I wish Sarah would give me.

This was a good workout despite my disappointment in the 50 fly.
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