Saturday, February 12, 1994

12 Feb 1994 - Valentines Dance

In a few hours I will be on a formal with Sarah Bowman. I decided to make the spare time go quicker if I don't think about it and go swim (even though I hate swimming on Saturdays).

200 100 swim, kick

600 12 x 50's alternate arm fly on 1:00

250 10 x 25's fly under :14 on :45

200 4 x 50's fly sprint on 2:00

400 8 x 50's fly kick on 1:30

250 10 x 25's fly first 25 breath 4 times. 5th 25 no breath, then start over. on 1:00

200 2 x 100's free under 1:05 on all on 3:00

2100 total

I swam this workout and felt good about it. Came home and cleaned the apartment. Then got ready in 30 minutes (which is pretty good to not be ready and waiting for 2 hours like I normally do when I look forward to something like this.

I picked her up with Murray's car and we went to the loft. Murray and Tammi were there and the waiting list was 40-50 minutes so we just went to Idaho Falls and ate at Garcia's. I ate a chicken fajita. Sarah had a Burro I think.

Anyhow we went to the dance and I held her hand most of the time. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and she did too as she took my hand many times which meant it wasn't just me. We did ballroom and a little two stepping country. I had so much fun and she did too as I remember her smile and eyes. She is so beautiful. I'd say the prettiest girl I have ever dated.

She loved the time there cause of her laughs. I loved it too. We came back to the apartment and watched a movie at which we both fell asleep so I walked her home at 2:30 and we were both so very tired and my breath stunk so I just hugged her goodnight, but the thing is..

I came home and said my prayers and thanked the Lord for her, and went to bed. I could not sleep for hours (which was rather odd since I was sound asleep along side her just minutes before) and my mind kept pondering the dance and her pleasant smile and happy laugh and the coolness of her little hands, I loved being with her. I am thrilled when she is happy.

My heart tripled in size in my chest. I had realized I was in trouble. I am in Love. I tried debating that fact in my mind knowing I had only really spent about 10 hours with her before and how can one be in love in such a short time. But I argued the other side as I reviewed her actions and her personality and remembering details of her life. I know Sarah's base. I know what she is like and how she reacts in certain situations. We have much in common and I liked this thinking, so I kept on swimming those thoughts of devotion for her in my mind. I was getting dizzy with the love I had for her. There is much more to know about her with which I am eager to find out, but I know enough about her to want to spend more time with her. Eventually after a few hours of tossing and turning finally slept.

Waking, I was relieved to know that those feelings were still there and it wasn't just a dream. Church was good and had some excellent speakers. Sacrament was heartfelt as well.

I had waited all day for Sarah's coming. She said she was bringing some cookies over. The plan is to take a walk with her and tell her what I was going through. I really need to spend some time with her right now so my heart doesn't crash because it is addicted to her presence. It would take a while to recover from a fall such as this if she decided not to accept me into her life.

She came with the cookies. However she brought a friend and also had a church meeting. So much for that walk. I wanted to tell her today, but I may have to tomorrow. (Monday)
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