Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cold water training

As my taper has begun, I'm focused more on cold water training at this point.  I drove up to the Cabin with Sam and I did one hour of swimming in the Logan River.  I found a nice pocket of water flow that was the same speed as my strong effort pace.  The water was slowly getting colder and by the time I got out it was 57.4°F.

I got a good nights rest and got up and did 30 minutes.  This time the air temp was significantly colder as well as the water temp.  The water temp when I got out was 52.0°F even.  I really had to stay with it mentally on this one.  I felt like getting out after 5 minutes, so instead of thinking about how cold it was, I kept my mind busy on other things, and the time went by much faster.  At 30 minutes I got out, took a quick warm shower and got on the road for work this morning.

I love swimming in the Logan River.  It's even clearer than Causey, and I can see every detail of the small rocks just inches from my reach below me.  I can see a fish every time.  There are specific rocks that I enjoy looking for and using as a guide to my pace.  Lots of fun.  Looking forward to getting back up there on Wednesday evening.

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