Monday, July 8, 2013

What a load of crap

Saturday evening I was hoping to do a night swim at pineview, but I was watching the weather and there were a couple of thunderstorms and one that would have caused problems for us, so I had to cancel that swim.  Boo!  Didn't get a swim in at all on Saturday thanks to that.

Last night my neighbor jokingly said, "You better watch out in Pineview there are tiger muskies in there."  Goody also mentioned the ugliness of this fish breed last week.  So I Googled this fish breed and how it relates to Pineview and found this page:  What They are Not Telling You About Pineview

This is so fake it's hilarious.  There is no bloody way a tiger muskie chewed that guys hand off like that.  Here's a video of a tiger muskie actually biting someone's hand and it's because he deserved it.  And no it didn't cause the kind of damage to remotely be concerned with.

What idiot would take that long to release a fish with that piece of crap tool?  I'd bite his hand too!

While I like clear goggles to swim in.
They really don't look good for picture taking.  
This morning's swim was fantastic.  The sunrise was breathtaking and I did two Goody Laps (with frosting) totaling 5 miles in 2:37.

I got there at 0545 and waited around a bit for Sharon, but she didn't show, so I went ahead.  I saw somebody at the top of the path just as I was starting, but they didn't wave down and I couldn't tell if it was her or not.

I did see a few wetsuited swimmers throughout my two laps, only one with a yellow cap.  That may have been her. It was a rather calm morning.  Not much issues with wind.  No issues with boats.  It was a really nice morning.

I'm planning to come out here again on Wednesday and Friday morning, and then a swim at Bear Lake (if Cathi will let me break away from the family reunion for a couple hours) on Saturday.  Otherwise, I'll do a long swim in Bear Lake on Monday.

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