Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pressure against the clock

Water was flat and calm, but my mind sure wasn't.
This morning I got to Pineview at 0545 and did a short Goody Lap. During the time I was unable to let my
mind go. I was constantly feeling stressed about work, and home. I'm feeling pulled in so many different places and my attention is needed in so many ways. I try not to feel like I'm being negligent to my employer, or my family, but to be honest I am. I seriously can't wait till Catalina is over so I can get back to other priorities that have been neglected lately. This morning's swim was less than ideal.

Total: 1.98 miles in 1:05

In comparing my swim training month by month with last year, it's nearly similar. It's a good thing I keep this log or I wouldn't have any idea. It eases my mind that I'm ready for Catalina. I'm in better shape and have the confidence to know that given good conditions I should be able to pull it off, God willing.

 I'm excited about Josh's Birthday present. Some water speakers:

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