Monday, July 22, 2013

Getting stared down

This morning was a beautiful calm morning at Pineview.  Got in two really Goody Laps with frosting.

My shoulders held up exceptionally well.  No soreness and my mind was loose so the swim went by quickly without any pain physically or mentally.  In fact on the way to work after the swim I called the Dr. and cancelled my afternoon appointment to get a cortisone.  Apparently it isn't necessary as there wasn't any tightness or soreness at all this morning.

I'm getting really excited about Catalina!  Yesterday I realized I have 2 more Sundays here before we leave for California.  Lynn posted this video of Kim's swim.  It makes me excited for my swim!

Good thing these guys crossed the road in front of me
AFTER my swim and not before when it was still dark.
Wouldn't want another incident like last summer up at Pineview
where I hit a deer in the dark this time last year.
On the way to work after my swim, I was at the very top of Trappers Loop, and up ahead in the road was a Cow Moose and her calf.  The were standing right there in the middle of the road and were staring me down.  I didn't know how protective that mother was, so I kept my distance.  Didn't know if she would go nuts and ram my car.  I snapped a few pics.  This is the second mom/baby moose pair I've seen in less than a month.  Good to see they're thriving.

Total: 5.16 miles in 2:43

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