Saturday, July 13, 2013

It's a Bear out there

Got to Rendezvous beach at noon today and the wind was going pretty strong.  Lots of white horses coming right from the north.  I didn't like the look of it.  Especially with all the boats and jetskis.  I didn't think going out was going to be a good idea, so I waited until it calmed down a little.  Unfortunately it didn't calm down at all until about 3pm and only slightly.  

It looks tame, but it was pretty windy out there.
Today was a family reunion day at Bear Lake with Cathi's family.  It was fun taking the kids out about 100 yards or so on the kayak and riding the waves in.  It was fun!

At about 3pm things were winding down a little and we had to leave at 5pm.  So I went out with Jared as my kayaker.  He's a 18 year old stud and told him that I'd only be out for 15 minutes out, and 15 minutes back in.  The water temp on my watch read 71 degrees.

I went out and tried to go strong, but the chop was coming right at us at the 12 o'clock and it was insane.  I ended up going one mile.  Afterwards we went to a restaurant in Garden City.  It was pouring!  I've never seen it rain that hard in a long time.  I sure hope the weather next Saturday is good.

Total: 1 mile in 31 minutes

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