Thursday, July 18, 2013

Logan River cold water swim

I brought my recent H2Open mag hoping I'd have time to read
it sometime this weekend, but Cathi was the only one with
some spare time.  
This evening we got to the cabin and the sun was nearly setting.  I didn't get a swim in this morning cause I had to get off at a decent time to depart for the Cabin, so tonight was the chance!

I waded into the river and it felt chilly, but terribly so.  I got in 30 minutes of quality cold water exposure.  My watch read 57 degrees when I got out.  It really felt good.  And I really enjoyed having Cathi and the kids watch.  I swim better when I have someone there to observe.

Total: 30 minutes (distance unknown, but I'll project about 3/4 mile to be sure)

Jonas took this picture on the other side of the bridge where
the creek comes into Logan River.  This really is a beautiful
piece of land.
Even the dogs want a piece of the swimming action.
I love my post cold water swim with a reheat
in the hot tub with my boys.  Oliver, Isaac,
Jonas and Me.

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