Wednesday, July 17, 2013

This morning was a real drag

You wouldn't think this creates much drag, but it certainly
does!  I would say at least 10% more effort just to maintain
the same speed.  Oh well, chalk it up to some resistance
I met Joelle at Pineview at 0545 and we started on our swim.  Right before we started she asked me if my Swimmer Buddy board caused much drag.  I told her I could barely tell.  Then we started out swim.  I noticed that it was really causing more drag than normal.  I stopped real quick cause I was sure the cord was wrapped around the bottom of the fin, but it wasn't.  I was really confused why all of a sudden I get some considerable drag when pulling it.  Was her comment messing with my head?  Did the lack of a good nights

sleep affect me so dramatically physically?

I was really struggling to keep up with her.  We usually are stroke for stroke.  It's weird how close we are in pace, but today she was really pushing me!  My shoulders were burning and I was sprinting just to not get left behind.  I know I put on some weight at the family reunion, but not that much.

About 1.5 miles into the swim I stopped for a quick drink and noticed that my full gatorade bottle wasn't under the netting on the board and was dragging behind the board in the water the whole time.  Mystery solved!  I sure was relieved that I wasn't just imagining my weakness.  After that stop I made sure it was stowed properly and I was finally able to keep up with her and my shoulder strain went away.  Whew!
I love those mornings when the air is misty and smells so fresh!

After doing two laps I went out for just a bit more to get my 5 miles.  Water pretty cool getting in, but by the time I got out I'm betting it jumped several degrees.  Josh and I are making final preps for the Bear Lake Race this weekend and are planning to swim the course ourselves on Friday morning.  That's a bonus.  I feel kind of gypped missing out on local races because I'm directing them.  Looking forward to it being over too, cause the next weekend has a crazy fun event in store!

Total: 5 miles in 2:31
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