Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fast pace with Joelle

Love this view.
This morning I met Joelle at Pineview for two Goody Laps.  Started the swim at 0555.  She was swimming at pretty fast pace and wasn't really allowing me to dog it.  I did get a few mouthfuls of water which ended up getting swallowed.  Probably not best with that water although it does seem pretty clean, it's not treated.  Plus I definitely can't do that in the ocean, I'll get sick.  Need to practice spitting everything out.
This is kind of freaky.
I don't really like pain,
but this is a training
technique that I need to
get used to.
My triceps are sore from a lifting session two days ago and my glutes are sore from yesterday's squats.  I also got a shocker in the mail yesterday to help me overcome my 'wimpyness' for those times when I'm bound to get hit by a jellyfish in the Catalina Channel.

My GPS read 4.77 after two laps so I did a little warmdown to round off my mileage today to 5.00 miles exactly.

Total: 5.00 miles in 2:31
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