Monday, July 15, 2013

Starting a swim already in an exhausted state

Isaac and Jonas about to paddle
5 miles in Pineview.
This afternoon we got home from our family reunion and man was that fun.  I overate a ton and ate a bunch of pure crap, and it made me feel like a real glutton.  I only got in a decent swim on Friday morning.  Saturday's swim at Bear Lake was lame, and I got home and helped get things unpacked and finally was able to take a break at around 3pm.  At that point I knew that if I swam today it would be tough.  I was just going to take my Swimmer Buddy board to pineview, but Cathi talked me into taking Jonas and Isaac on the kayak.

Isaac and Jonas paddling along the
dam buoys to the south end.
That worked out great cause they were a great team and worked together.  They had a fun time and were also able to provide a good support.  We did two extra large Goody Laps for a total of 5 miles even.  This swim was perfect.  My sore muscles were probably from being a complete bum and laying on my back and simply hanging out with the family.  The swim worked out all those tight muscles and I was able to sprint the last half mile.  I yelled out to the boys, "if you beat me to the beach I'll give each of you a $5 bonus!"  So I'd sprint side by side with them and when they started to pull ahead I take a few strokes diagonally towards them and grab on to the boat and push them backwards and then continue on.  They laughed and paddled again madly to the beach, this time keeping their distance.

When I started to swim towards them to pull them back they angled further away from me and paddled faster.  I wasn't able to catch them and they beat me to the beach.  What a fun afternoon with them!  They were great!  I'll have to use them more often.  Eleven and Nine year old boys.  Who woulda thought they would be competent kayakers.

Total: 5 miles in 2:28
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