Thursday, August 9, 2012

update from Cathi: 10:15 PM

Gordon was told by the pilot boat captain--keep your feeds short - professionals literally do their feeds on the go...throwing in the food with the arm stroke. Every feed puts you behind and makes it so the tide is against you rather than in your favor.    Cathi said his feeds are about 39 seconds!     Wow. . . that is super.

Gord told Cathi that on a scale of 1 to 10...he feels like a 10!     From that we are assuming his attitude and stamina are top-notch.  The boat has a spot light on him plus he has a glow stick in the goggle elastic and one around his waist.   Josh just finished an hour swim with him.

Cathi told me that on the beach at Dover before he began his swim, he knelt and offered a prayer.   We acknowledge that his prayer is being answered.

Thanks, again, for everyone's support.   Oh, I asked her what the name of the boat is:  Pace Arrow;  Captain:  Paul    He has 7 more miles to go.    Has been in the French Shipping Lane for the past few miles.
Post any other questions and I'll call them to find the answer.


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